Passion.....a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

By definition my passions have always been compelling and powerful to me. As a child my sister and I were raised on the concept of service, whether it was to help our mother take care of our grandmother (who got ill and had 12 strokes), or to stop on the way to the store for our mother to ask a neighbor "Do you need anything from the store"? I was taught at an early age the gratification of giving. I also remember an overwhelming feeling of love for music, art, reading, dancing, movies, history, and all of natures beauty. As a kid I didn't know the definition of these feelings, I just knew that I loved what I loved on a level I couldn't explain. So with that here is a list of my other passions.

God's Love We Deliver
God's Love We Deliver is the New York City metropolitan area's leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. For more information go HERE

Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. For more information go HERE

Society of Singers
Society of Singers (SOS) is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to maintaining and restoring the dignity, health and welfare of professional vocalists nationwide. For more information go HERE

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports UNICEF's work, and other efforts in support of the world's children, through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States. For more information go HERE